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Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Double-sided labeling machine, as the name suggests, refers to the labeling equipment to label both sides of the product at the same time. The current market mostly refers to the front and back labeling machine; if you are looking for a double-sided labeling machine, this page shows a variety of double-sided labeling application scenarios, and hope to help you choose the labeling equipment that meets your needs.

Automatic Front & Back Double Side Labeler


The VK-DSL vertical front and back labeling machine is suitable for double-sided labeling of various flat bottles, square bottles, and round bottles.

This series of products is suitable for food, cosmetics, health care products, edible oil, daily necessities and other industries. For different sizes of square, flat, tapered, cylindrical and other bottle shapes, it can complete single-sided and double-sided labeling of products.

Model VK-DSL
Capacity (PCS/min) 0-180(depend on bottle and label size)
Conveyor running side from left to right / from right to left
Conveyor speed(meter/min) ≤40
Labeling error < ±0.5mm
The inner diameter of label roll 76 mm
The outer diameter of label roll 360 mm(max)
Suitable for label size W:5-300mm, L:10-500mm
Suitable size of labeling objects any size
Power supply(In China) AC220V 50/60HZ single phase (customized)
Power 1300W
Weight 600 KG
Machine size 2800(L)1300(W)1800(H)mm
Automatic Front & Back Double Side Labeler Application
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Semi Automatic Double Side Labeler Machine


The semi-automatic labeler is designed for labeling flat bottles, round bottles and square bottles on the front and back side. It requires an operator to manually feed the material and collect labeled products. The production speed is 10 to 30 pieces/minute depending on the operator’s skill level.

Output Speed: 15-30 pieces/minute depends on label and bottle size

Dimension: 1328mm*1049mm*1516mm

Model VK-T806
Labeling Accuracy ±0.5mm
Labeling Speed 15-30 pieces/min
Applicable for product diameter Length: 50mm-350mm, Width:20mm-200mm, Height:50mm-400mm
Applicable Label Size Length: 15mm-300mm, Bottom paper width: 25mm~175mm
Device Dimensions 1328mm*1049mm*1516mm
Applicable Power Supply 220V/50HZ
Weight 270KG
Applicable Label Roll lnner Diameter 76mm
Applicable label Roll lnner Diameter 280mm
VK-T806 Semi Automatic Front And Back Label Applicator
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Top And Bottom Double Side Label Applicator Machine


Our VK-TBL industrial labeling machine is built to accurately labels the top and bottom sides of flexible or rigid packaging, containers, clamshell, trays, boxes and a wide variety of finished products. It is possibility of mounting date coders for printing on labels of variable data, times, bar-codes, serialized numbers etc.

VK-TBL Labeller Machine is suit for different kinds and size objects labeling on top and bottom surface, such as aloe jar, dental floss box or food bag or carton and so on. Machine can customized as requirements, longer or shorter or others. Machine can be operation alone or connect with production line.

Output Speed: 20-150 pieces/minute depends on label and bottle size

Dimension: 2300*750*1750mm

Model VK-TBL
Labeling speed 40-150 PCS/min
Labeling accuracy 0.6mm
Machine size 2300*750*1750mm
Label size Width:10-150mm,Length:10-300mm
Power 220V/380V 50Hz,1200W
VK-TBL Application
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Double Side Tamper-Evident Labeling Machine

This labeling machine is specially designed for tamper-proof labeling of carton corners, and can label double corners or single corners.

This series of products are suitable for sealing and labeling of various packaging boxes, and are widely used in pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, logistics and other industries. The flexible box pressing device is adopted to ensure the stability of the box body during labeling, which greatly improves the labeling precision. The upper surface sealing, lower surface sealing, diagonal sealing stickers, etc. of the box can be completed according to customer needs.

Output Speed: 40-70 pieces/minute depends on label and products size

Dimension: 1800X900X1300mm

Model VK-BCL
Voltage specification AC220V 50/60HZ
Consumed power 1200W
Labeling speed 40-70 pieces/min (adjustable speed, depending on object size and label length)
Labeling accuracy +1mm (depending on product characteristics, hardness and roundness)
Conveyor speed 50-80 boxes per minute
Scope of object Length 20-300mm width 50-200mm height 25-300mm
label specification Width 20mm ~ ~ 130mm length 15 ~ ~ 100mm (special specifications can be customized)
Paper roll diameter Φ paper roll diameter: 76 mm Φ 320 (maximum)
Heavy volume 200KG
Packing size 1800X900X1300mm
VK-BCL Application
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Round Bottle Two Side Sticker Labeling Machine


The VK-RPL labeler is used for labeling all sizes of any upright cylindrical products such as bottles, vials, jars, tins, cans. It is regarded as the most versatile and well designed labeling machine which is widely used in various industries such as food processing, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, brewery, chemicals, coatings etc.

Label Wrap Around The Container With a Full Circle, 3/4 Circle, 2/3 Circle, 1/2 Circle Or Double Labels On Front And Back.

Output Speed: 20-60 pieces/minute depends on label and products size

Dimension: 2000(L)800(W)1710(H)mm

Model VK-RPL
Capacity (PCS/min)
20-60(depond on bottle and label size)
Suitable for label size W:5-300mm, L:10-500mm
Conveyor speed ≤25 meter/min
Labeling error < ±0.3 mm
Inner diameter of label roll 75 mm
Outer diameter of label roll 360 mm(max)
Suitable size of labeling objects Any size round shape
Air supply 0.3-0.4MPa
Power supply AC110V/220V 50/60HZ  1 phase (customized)
Power 750W
Weight 320 KG
Machine dimension 2000(L)800(W)1710(H)mm
VK-RPL Application
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Double-sided labeling is often used to mark food packaging, cosmetics and household products, glass and plastic bottles or cartons, etc. with variable data such as MHD, batch no. or ingredients. It doesn’t matter whether flat folding boxes, square cartons or oval formats, as are often used for bottles: For sales at the point of sale, the visual impact and therefore the perfect, wrinkle-free fit of the labels is of great importance. Our VKPAK labeling solutions have the necessary flexibility and are used all over the world across industries. Do you require high throughput and at the same time have little space available in your production? This is where our two-sided labeling machines come in! They are extremely robust, versatile and offer industry-specific equipment options that leave nothing to be desired.

With the frequently used two-sided labeling, exact centering at the moment of the labeling process is useful. For smaller production quantities, this is most easily done using a semi-automatic solution: the product is simply placed in a pickup device and then the VK-T806 automatic pushed between two applicators on a carriage. At the moment of labeling, the product is automatically fixed in place. The result is precisely placed labels. The holding device for the products can be exchanged in just a few steps, ensuring short makeready times even with changing pack shapes.

For medium and large production volumes, it is advisable to use an automatic system that can also meet the highest precision requirements if necessary. Here, a special form of centering ensures the exact positioning of the labels in the insert. With the VKPAK labeling machine, the product is also fixed and centered during the labeling process. For this purpose, the machine’s special centering device moves synchronously with the conveyor belt. In contrast, the precise alignment of the product and the labeling process are usually carried out in two separate operations. Even with a minimal change in position between the centering and labeling processes, the product can therefore change its position, unlike with the VKPAK solution – with visible consequences for the precise “fit” of the labels.

Whether primary or secondary packaging: VKPAK has an economical, high-performance system for every application.